My heart goes out to the U.K.

Being English, with my daughter and family in England, I subscribed to the daily Coronavirus: Downing Street briefing.  Each day I have been getting more concerned at the amount of deaths in a country the size of Florida.

I watch this on YouTube, and they go over all the figures, with graphs etc., very much like here, but stick to the subject.

My daughter just sent me an update that the ‘U.K. has Europe’s second-highest Covid-19 death toll’.

Thankfully my granddaughter still has the same intensity, but the frequency of coughing has lessened.

Prayers going over the pond, to my homeland.



  1. UK was too slow off the mark and ill-prepared. The numbers will only get worse when they add in all those nursing home deaths. Glad to hear your grand-daughter appears to have weathered the storm.


  2. Dear Susie,

    I also worry about my many friends in the US and the mixed messages sent to the nation by Donald Trump. Being such a large country where the numbers of deaths vary greatly from state to state, I fear an early easing of the lockdown may cause a new spike.

    Stay safe best wishes


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