Wrist is healing well.

I have been icing my left wrist 3 – 4 times a day, and the swelling is still going down.  I only have my flexible cast on for working out, cleaning etc., and when I am out.

The specialist had said that I didn’t need physical therapy, because I had told him how much I workout, and he knew that I would continue to do so.  I had been wiggling my fingers, while the cast was on.  Now it’s off I stated typing with my right hand, and 1 finger on the left hand.  Now I am up to typing with 3 fingers.  My little finger doesn’t have the strength to hold a key down, and I also get a little pain in my wrist if I try.

I can also turn my wrist a little more, and will continue to do this just with everyday chores.  I am not an idol person, so know that it will be improving each, and every day.


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