Business answer machines. Why bother!

I wrote at the beginning of the week that I had phoned the dermatologist, and could only leave a message on the answer machine.  It promised a call back.  I then got an email from them confirming our appointments on Monday.  I replied to it, that I had already cancelled via the answer machine, and that we would not be going.  I also phoned, and left a second message.

This morning still nothing, and we have to give 48 hours prior to cancellation, so I phoned, and left a third message.

Five minutes ago I got a phone call from the dermatologist office, and I asked if it was a finally call back after the 3 message, and email I had sent them.  The answer was ‘No, we are calling to confirm your appointments’.

I was polite, but had to ask if they listen to their answer machine, and check their messages.  She couldn’t answer it.  I told her that my husband is 86, with 5 chronic illness, so we are only going to his specialists for those.  I asked to have it in 6 weeks time,  as it is only a 6 monthly checkup, so it will be the middle of June.

Photo: Pixabay

Dermatologist office visit on Monday.



  1. I got an email about a month ago from my dermatologists office. She would be doing consults by phone and we could email in photos if we had something we wanted her to see. I have a previous history of melanomas on my lower leg.So I took a close up photo of a spot on my leg that looks suspicious. I emailed it Wednesday and yesterday the office called me. The doctor wants to see me and I am going in 8:30 Monday morning. The office is closed but I have to knock and they will let me in. That is the health service working well I think!!

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