Abs are looking fabulous again.

The first month after fracturing my wrist I just did Zumba, stretching, and walking.  These stats are the past 4 weeks.  The featured one, being last week. then each previous week.  You can see how I have increased my time, and endurance.

This past week I have either done an hour of Zumba via Facebook, and 45 minutes of Body Combat, or Body Combat twice a day.  Days when I do Senior Sneakers via YouTube with hubby, l stand, and use a 5 lb. weight in my right hand, and do it double paced.  I also do the 4 minute ab workouts 2 or 3 times straight off.

I had noticed a month ago that my stomach was losing it toned shape.  So have been jumping when doing Body Combat, on a second hook, moving sideways to give it extra power, and doubled up on all the boxing combinations to work harder.  Yes, I am still wearing my cast.

My abs are now back in shape, and will post a photo sometime soon.


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