Cardiologist visit, and eating in, at a restaurant both get an A+

We went to hubby’s cardiologist this after, only 10 seats instead of the normal 40. We went in on time, which never happens. The doctor came in straight away, and we were out within 25 minutes total. This included the nurse updating his medication list, taking his blood pressure, doing an EKG.  It was always 2 hours.  Obviously they don’t want you there a minute longer than necessary.   We had our masks on, but anyone that didn’t have one, they had them for $5 each.
We went to Ruby Tuesdays restaurant after. It’s a huge place, and there was only 1 other couple seated. We had paper menus, that got thrown away after use. No salad bar. Our server had mask on, and we did too. She changed her plastic gloves after every visit. Dinner was amazing, and hubby was very happy.  It was 3 p.m. when we went, so I am sure there will be more for dinner.  I felt totally safe there, and will be going once a week.
Good results from the cardiologist, and great food.


  1. Congratulations on both. I am eating at my favorite Internet cafe right now. They re-opened and my spies at the cafe who were supposed to call me, didn’t. A friend thought I was there and called me when he didn’t see me. I would flog my spies with wet noodles, but I don’t waste food.

    Probably going to have to get a mask at some point as more places are now requiring them. Maybe I should see if someone local makes them.

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  2. I thought about Amazon, but unless I spend enough to get free shipping, it’s not worth it. I thought about checking locally as some are selling homemade masks for a reasonable price. I only need one as I can wash it as needed.

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  3. Susie, you and your husband must have felt relieved with the efficiency shown at the cardiologist. I appreciated a look at the new routine at Ruby Tuesday. In Ohio, restaurants still cannot offer inside dining.

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  4. Ah, that sounds so nice! Odd though, that they do it so early, considering numbers over there. Stay safe. You can probably go to the gym before I can 😉 Enjoy

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