There she goes

This is the most powerful series I have seen on Autism, and learning disabilities.  We binge watched it last night, and I had tears in my eyes.  So similar to my family, a first child, and then a second one a few years later, that was so different.  That’s where the similarity ends.

As the years proceeded they found it so hard to care for the toddler, and then the young child.  It is set in England, in a normal family background, and the cast are absolutely brilliant.

Daniel Tennant and Jessica Hynes are the parents, struggling to deal with her.  It brought back many memories of my trips to England, and phone calls we had.

Diagnosis is a right, and the N.H.S. fall short in diagnosing at a much younger age.


The series is on Britbox, and also Amazon Prime.


  1. I was introduced and learnt a lot about Autism from a show called The Good Doctor. I was first initially drawn into it because I come from the medical field but what further drew me in is the unconventional doctor in the series. They themselves have highlighted in the beginning that due to his Autism, the surgeon wouldn’t be fulfilling his duties to his best capabilities but boy, were they wrong. He does wonders and it’s a beautiful show to watch if you’re interested. It is a drama series and you can’t expect a whole lot of truth from that but thats how I learned about Autism and thought I might just share it here.
    Thanks for this suggestion though.

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  2. Thanks for bringing this series to my attention…my Family has Fragile X woven deep into our current lives and past history…(kindof related to autism). Plus I love David Tennant of Dr. Who fame!!!!! Luckily, we have Amazon Prime so I’m looking forward to this recommendation.

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  3. Susie
    I just love David Tennant, I wish he still played Dr. Who. I just watched one of his movies on Amazon, It was a four part drama, Deadwater Fell. He plays a family man in that one likewise. I need to watch ‘There She Goes’. If you haven’t seen Deadwater Fell I urge you to take a look.

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  4. Not for me because it brought back memories of my granddaughter biting a chunk of the iPad, and all that my daughter went through.. It brought tears in my eyes. Sorry, but not having seen them in 10 years, because of hubby’s health, gets to me.


  5. Is it something that gets better with time? For you granddaughter, has she been able to control it?
    Im sorry if this sounds rude but I’m only curious


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