Feel good update.

My wrist is out of the cast unless I go out, and I feel safer wearing it.  I have had it on while doing workouts, but yesterday I decided to try a 40 minute Zumba by Marlene workout, and didn’t wear it.  I had no problems.  I did ice it for 20 minutes immediately after.

This morning there is another 1 hour Zumba class, so I am going to have my cast by me, and start without it.  If my wrist feels heavy, or starts to get uncomfortable, I will put it on.

Life is starting to feel more normal for me, and it’s a wonderful feeling.  Have the best possible day you can.



  1. So many of us take our bodies for granted, until we can’t use a part of it, and then when we get it back it feels sooooo wonderful! 🙂 … your recovery has been slow, but steady. Congratulations. 🙂

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