How I hate Walmart.

The only times I go to Walmart is to get hubby’s insulin.  This is the only store where it is free with his insurance.  On that occasion I buy the 5 or 6 items that I find much cheaper there, or other stores don’t have the product.

Hubby was out of his ‘No sugar added’ fruit pies, and for a couple of days spoke about Walmart, as they are half the price of Publix, and Winn Dixie.  He doesn’t normally come food shopping with me, but wanted to come.

Armed with our masks, we were able for the first time ever, to get a Disabled parking spot.  I told him not to touch anything, and to stay 6 feet away from others.

He needed alcohol swabs, for his diabetes.  Walgreens were out, and so was Walmart.  The second item we wanted was his healthy margarine in the big 3 lb. tub.  That whole isle was pretty much out of all margarine, just butter.  By now I am wondering why we bothered.

I did pick up milk, yogurts, and then down to the pies.  I bought 3 for him, and asked him to spread them out more.  Change it up with a yogurt every other day.

That was the shopping, but the people.  They weaved between up, come up behind us, and didn’t give a damn as long as they got their shopping.  Even at the checkout, we stood 6 ft away from the people in front, and a women walked through that space.  I HATE Walmart.

We had a really nice lady at the checkout, who wore a mask, and gloves.  That was the only pleasant park of shopping at Walmart.

Photo: Pixabay


  1. I took pride that my store went from 3.2 a low score on our previous to my employ cleanliness…my job task between cart collecting…was commode cleanings…we went to 3.8. not a great score but significant improvement. Where I could effect I had…duh team! But still.

    I’m really here to say I stopped balking at the yutz behavior prevalent at Walmart. I was pleased ditzy to basic expected courtesies of my training people came there. I loved everyone. I tried to say thanks to all. Only after poopy behavior not screamed at not sneered not shown hootery… Did I ever see improvement…as if most misbehavior was deliberate to pay attention to me type stuff. I didn’t sponsor the badness and asked for goodness showed my best examples… And kinda felt the spirit caught and better came.

    It seems a shame folks do this. Negative attention seek. But the next time you Walmart…see if I may have a little point. You know well how to outlast three year old crap. ;). If I’m right. You will big boy big girl behavior.

    If I’m wrong though, you can remember an age where corporal punishment was free and encourage d for all…Singapore caned people for stepping from the lines even. Ahhh woodshed for you you and hey that section too! Love ya…now behave. It won’t change the situation…but you might chuckle. Yeah duh there’s a reason Dr Spock caught on. But the most amusing innuit teaching tool was scarrrrre tactics of the sea gods will swallow you up if you get close teaching….no different than threat of punishment…ha. (the last big article was Greenland teaching kids I saw).

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  2. Walmart is okay for me during week but I made the mistake of going last weekend. What a zoo. Home Depot was equally crazy. I miss the days of free insulin. We were on a health plan for a few years (Cigna) that had 0 co-pay for Nicholas’ insulin. I think I pay about $25 a month now for his 3 vials. This is his last year on our insurance.

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  3. I ordered from them once, and included no sugar added cookies for hubby. They left the box on my front doormat, in the Florida sun, so ruined them.


  4. I agree with about online. Not good. We can get pretty hot in the summer and below freezing in the winter. I know our current price is decent. I’ve paid about $30 a vial about 4 years.ago. It was horrendous. Because Nicholas is type 1 he goes through more than your husband. In his teenage years it was like 4-5 vials a month (growing teenage boy that ate a ton). But now he’s tapered off.


  5. I understand completely. Shopping for groceries and essentials has become more of a mission than a joyful delight. I am going to Walmart once a month for essentials and a smaller grocery store (Aldi) every other week. A mask goes with me every trip.


  6. It’s exactly the same here. What gets me is that Walmart talks a big talk about how they’re enforcing social distancing, etc. Not only are they not enforcing it, but they don’t even follow it themselves in many cases.


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