No masks and very little social distancing.

Each time we come to Sims park the police car is always here.

Today everyone is here. Only one other person with a face mask on.

Forget about social distancing. I have stopped so many times, as people are walking in groups, or in a row across, instead of behind.

I want to be able to come here, but with hubby’s age, and 5 chronic illnesses, we might have to find somewhere safer.

I just wish the police person was visible, or keeping an eye on the people.


  1. People are getting tired of the whole idea. In my location, I’m confused because people are out in the street in groups as if nothing is happening. Most of them just keep their face mask below their chin to place it there when police is in view.

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  2. I think we have taken “liberty ” a bit too far in the U.S. primarily by the example set by the President, or lack of a good example. He is furious to discover his valet has tested positive for Covid 19, and him never wearing a mask. How does he think we feel when others around us refuse to abide by guidelines that are now just “suggestions”. He has decided to go with herd immunity it seems, exposing up to 80 % of our citizens by opening everything up without scientific criteria having been met.

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  3. My concern is people of many have looked at the recovery numbers. However the numbers do not tell us just how many people have organ damage, lost extremities even if it is a toe or finger or how many have become O2 dependent, now require assistance to walk, brain damage not to death but decrease function and oh my so much more. Are there recoveries without no deficit certainly.

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  4. I am of age (69) and have more than one of those pesky underlying health issues. In Indiana, with re-opening starting, the powers that be have my type of person STILL being told to stay in. My advice to you would be to not go ANYWHERE where people are selfishly ignoring the recommendations. It is not worth taking a risk. Be Safe and Stay Healthy!

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  5. I can understand your concerns. Our lockdown is loosening slightly on Monday but social distancing must be maintained and we have to wear masks, or else.

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  6. Too much opening up without precautions. Our easing of restrictions started with golf courses and emergency dental. More items to be added May 14, but very slow deliberate process with social distancing still at the forefront. All we can do in the face of what is happening is take precautions for our own well being. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  7. But you can already do more than we’ll be able to. No restaurants are opening, the beach will still be closed. I will however be able to go out for a cycle.

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