Boris Johnson says that Everyone to go back to work starting tomorrow morning

How can that happen?  First off children will not be going to school, no childcare, shops, restaurants, hairdressers, cafes, beauty shops, etc., opening up.  So you can see your co-workers with social distancing, but no family members not living in your house.  You can get out more than once a day, staying alert.

Hospitals haven’t opened up for people that need them, and never have doctor’s offices.  So much everyone needs to know.

As factories, warehouses, wholesalers, distributors, haven’t been working, they need to start first.  Until items start being produced again, many workers would have nothing to work with.

Boris, you had better get your eggs in one basket for tomorrow, when you speak again.  Yes, you want the English people working, but how can they. when they have no work to do.

What did you get out of his 7 p.m. Coronavirus message tonight?

Photo: Pixabay.



  1. Oh dear. I am glad our son is still working from home. He and his partners have given up their office. He has an office room in his condo so I am glad he will not be in the Tube.


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