Stay alert, control the virus, save lives.

This is the new slogan for the U.K.  We will know more at 7 p.m. London time, when the Prime Minister talks us through what this means.  I know my family, after 7 weeks of being home, are hoping for a little more flexibility.

Being a sunny weekend crowds were broken up, when not social distancing.  It is such a worry when they disregard the stay on home, to have it changed to stay alert.

I can’t wait for Boris Johnson speech in 4 hours time.  I hope he has been advised well.


  1. Goodness, that must be tedious for you both. We are fortunate to have some variety, but it is a lot of the same. And I can understand that. I listened to the BBC World Service when I lived overseas. I really enjoyed feeling connected to home. Xx

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  2. I am very concerned at what I am seeing in some southern states. I am afraid some states will have to close back down. A woman here posted a pic that her mom took in Louisiana Target. Hardly anyone wore a mask and no social distancing. In my town everyone wears one in stores or waiting in lines outside.

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  3. I listen to the BBC on satellite radio most days. I do not have a great deal of confidence in Boris and how he has handled the CV19 crisis so far. My son, who lives in London, has little respect for him so that influences me too. Considering that Boris was gravely ill himself with CV19 I hope he will be taking cautious and practical action.

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