The normal. Weeks into the pandemic.

We always got up at 8 a.m., went to the bathroom, had breakfast by 9 a.m., and dressed.

Well, it’s now 10 a.m., I have showered, washed my hair, and just finished breakfast.  I am still in my robe/dressing gown, and thinking about getting dressed.  I will shortly, as I am doing another Facebook Messenger video chat, with one of my boxing ladies.

It may look that I am lazy, but have been doing 2 – 3 hours of working out every day.  Just nothing to rush around for.  Will I ever get back to that busy women that never stopped.


  1. You will. But I know how you feel. I am almost starting to enjoy this rather laid back life. I am doing 45 minutes of exercise ( the Eldergym online) in the morning and an hours brisk walking on the trails in the afternoon. But I still feel like it is a much more relaxed time.

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