Hurricane season starts June 1st.

The last time we went to Sims park, the river was still high.  This is a little worrying, as Hurricane season is just around the corner.

It’s bad enough trying to get regular supplies, and now we have to stock up in case a hurricane hits our side of Florida.  Usually we get a Hurricane guide in the mail, but I haven’t seen one yet.  I am sure I kept mine from last year.

We do not want any hurricanes, while we are spending 23 hours a day, in our home.  It is so difficult to prepare for the unknown.  What would we do, where would be go, how would we social distance from others.

I am going to put this on the back burner for the first year, and not worry as to what will happen.  If it does, none of us will be prepared for a direct hit.  If it’s like others we have had, I have plenty of water, and canned goods.  Lots of candles and torches/flashlights.

I am not going to worry about what if.  If it does, it does………



  1. Our city has been through a few tornado watches/warnings and the storm shelters had to open.

    The county EMA put many notices out asking people to use face coverings or masks when coming to the shelter.

    Follow your county EMA on Facebook!


  2. I’ve been diligent in replacing items taken from the ‘hurricane’ box during COVID needs. The reality of hurricane season hasn’t really hit yet, except to say I’ve got that hurricane box ready!
    Like you say, ‘If it does, it does…’

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