I found this bill on my husband’s table.

Hubby usually gets the mail, and hands me anything important.  This bill must have come days/weeks ago, and he only showed it to me today.

He had become a ‘member’ of this society, and had a membership number.  It was a bill for $139 if paid before May 15th, or $240 after that date.

I got on the phone immediately, and was asked for my husband’s name, and our zip code.  I told the lady that I was not paying this bill, which had only just been found, as I wasn’t aware of this.  Did she know that my husband is 86, and has dementia.  She immediately told me to disregard this bill, and apologized for any inconvenience it had caused.

How many seniors would have paid it.  I don’t believe my husband knowingly accepted whatever it was, but who knows.  So much is in fine print, that no one reads.  How many seniors could be scammed by these people.

Please be very wary of anything coming to you by mail, email, messaging, or phone calls.

I tore the paperwork up before taking a photo, that is why you can only see a part of it.



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