Yes, it’s me behind the mask.

Whenever I go out I always wear a mask, but as you can see, I am one of the few.

Yesterday I needed a few food items, so had my mask on, and went into the store.  I was the only one with a mask on, apart from the employees.  I always take 2 wipes, or spray 2 lots of towels.  I then put them on the handle of my cart.

After shopping I insist that they put my shopping back in the cart that I sanitized, and not in the one that the last person, that didn’t have a mask on used.  I rush up empty isles, I hold back on busy ones, and am pleased to say that this works for me.  I shop a couple of times a week, as we use so much milk, and bananas.


  1. Susie, I am with you about wearing a mask. Today is grocery shoppingtime, and I will head out during a hopefully quiet time in the early afternoon. I always take extra precautions, and I wish more people would do the same.

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  2. In Massachusetts, we only have to wear a mask when we can’t sufficiently social distance. I wear it when I have to shop, or when I have to talk to a customer.


  3. I do the same as you when shopping for groceries. Here most of the seniors are wearing masks in the stores and being observant of distancing. The younger people not so much.


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