My girlfriend’s belated birthday dinner.

My girlfriend, and I always treat each other to a birthday lunch, but hers got delayed, because of covid-19.

As Chilis restaurant was open, we decided to go there.  They took our name, and phone number as there was a twenty minute wait. (only 25% seating allowed).

We asked for the booth in the bar area.  There are 2, and of course only one could be used.  We couldn’t even see any of the tables, so totally on our own.

They had their Margaritas on sale, so we both got the Presidente, which yields 3 glasses.  Free chips and salsa as I joined their club.  We had the 2 for $25.  Didn’t have the appetizer, and had 2 side salads as we already had the chips/salsa.  My girlfriend went for a chicken mango dinner, and I had my usual chicken fajitas.  As you can see by the photos, I have enough left for 2 days.  We also had a double portion of cheesecake to share.  We could barely finish it.

We both ordered to go meals for our husbands so we didn’t have to cook.  I brought hubby an 8 ounce burger, and fries.  He struggled to eat the burger without the bun, but really enjoyed it, and the thick fries.  He will have the soup tomorrow.

I did Zumba, and air boxing with one of my ladies on Facebook Messenger this morning, but not sure if I will manage Zumba, or Body Combat tonight.  We shall see.


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