Gov. DeSantis is speaking now – Gyms opening Monday.

Monday full Phase 1.  This will mean that we can finally have gyms open.  Hubby is ecstatic about it.  It’s what he has been wanting from day one.  DeSantis is saying that every machine must be sanitized after each use.

Restaurants 50% capacity inside.  Can also be closer if booths have plexiglass between them. Retail can go to 50% of capacity, with social distancing.  Libraries, and museums, to open.  Sports teams can train in Florida, and also teams outside of the state.  No one in the stands.

These are the highlights.  He is still talking right now.



  1. Take safety precautions Susie. Hopefully, social distancing is still in effect at the gyms. Droplets can actually travel up to 9 feet when people are not moving or there is no wind. Have a great weekend. Allan

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  2. Hi Susie, I kinda feel like a lab rat with everything slowly opening up again. Luckily the kids study from home as I would not send them to school even if they opened up again. There was an outbreak here at the marketplace and almost 90% of people that had visited tested positive, which clearly demonstrates how infectious Covid-19 is. But then again, going to the gym is really tempting to me as well.. 😉

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  3. I belong to a gym myself, but I won’t be going back just yet. I got into the habit of wiping down each machine before and after I used it because I saw far too many people just walking away. I know very well they’ll continue to be just as inconsiderate now as well. I’m going to bide my time and see if all this “opening up” business starts another surge or not.


  4. Look to the Health Experts… Santis is No Less Ignorant On This than the rest
    Of the Party of
    Money or Die..
    Health Experts say
    This (Public Gym)
    Is the Last Place
    You wanna go even
    If Healthy Now…
    I’ve worked out
    Since i was 12
    (48 Years)
    And Do have a
    Degree in
    my Answer
    Is Home Gym
    Until the Ignorance
    Passes this is the
    Very last place
    A Health
    Expert Would
    Send An Older
    Gentleman in Poor
    Health.. i suggest
    Further research…
    Politics is Life
    Now For the
    Old And Infirm
    And Even Children…


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