Governor DeSantis is going to speak about gyms today.

This has been the day that my husband has been waiting for.  His routine was going to the gym with me every morning, having coffee, and chatting with his friends.  The last couple of months before the shut down, he was doing Senior Sneakers 3 times a week.

Whatever Ron DeSantis says today, the gym will never be like it was.  I have said that the ‘help yourself’ coffee will be gone, the chairs, or many of them will be gone.  The water fountains won’t be in use.

I will still love going to the gym whatever it looks like, but I think a lot of the seniors will not feel comfortable in the ‘new look’ gym.

If the governor does go to Phase 2, it may not take place straight away.  We shall see.



  1. Maybe invest in a good quality thermos for hubby’s coffee brought from home to swig with his pals all seated a safe 6ft apart? Who knows what new ‘routines’ we will invent post-COVID…
    Meanwhile – stay safe, lady!

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  2. We’re waiting to see about vacation rentals. I don’t know about other areas of the state, but the counties in the Panhandle want them opened up again. They are inundated with people wandering around and would rather give them places to go inside by themselves.

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