The joke of the day.

It’s not really laughable, because it is not helping.  I went to 2 supermarkets close to each other this afternoon, and was initially happy to see so many people wearing masks.

Only to find that they were on their chins.  The vast majority of them, so why even wear one, if you are not going to protect yourself.

Is it just me or do the majority of people out not give a sh!t.  Sorry rarely swear but REALLY.


  1. It probably doesn’t matter to them all that much, and it won’t until they are personally affected, and then just watch them scream about other people not taking precautions.

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  2. Here in north Georgia Lowe’s posts signs about CDC’s guidelines, has painted spots to stand in line six-feet apart, and signs throughout the store. And the employees all wear masks. Don’t applaud. Most wear them around their necks, one staffer wore a band over her nose, and one cashier, who wore his mask covering his mouth and nose, pulled it down to speak.

    Behavior change takes more than public service announcements. Behavior change is difficult. It also takes a form of “look out for the other guy.” The mask is to protect others. Perhaps they just don’t care.

    Be safe out there. Safer At Home.

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  3. Many people still do not get it. 6 feet distancing, passing quickly right beside is not distancing, wait for us to move, get off the sidewalk with your bikes, kids, stop playing with your friends, stop having people outside your bubble over. They just do not get it. We wear our masks and do our best to move out of everyone’s way. Not sure what more we can do except keep ourselves safe. Stay well Susie. Allan


  4. We must remember that wearing mask actually protects other people from us. Regardless whether we are healthy, we might be the carrier. Unfortunately some people don’t think that far. They feel that they are so healthy that they won’t do any harm or get harmed.

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  5. Masks do not protect the wearer; they protect other people in case the wearer is a source of infection. Since sources of infection are unknown during the incubation period, those irresponsible people who do not wear masks endanger everybody else. Ditto for people who have masks dangling on their chins and a bunch a kids running around without masks touching everything in sight.

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  6. Either on their chins or under the nose. It’s the same in our country although there’s an effort to respect the recommended distance, most of the times. It’s sad to see sometimes a clash of egos between supermarket employees and clients.

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  7. Well Susie now you know first hand how ridiculous some folks are about wearing face masks and protecting themselves from the pandemic, I was in the bank recently and waiting patiently in line to check in with the information desk when I heard a woman coughing loudly. I turned bout to see a woman lowering her mask, sneezing into the open air and then putting her mask back on her lower chin. Tel me that is not humorous?

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