I kept hearing a beeping noise, and it was driving me crazy.

A couple of nights ago we were sitting watching television, and I kept hearing a beeping/ringing noise.  It would go off for awhile, and then start up again.  By the time it was getting annoying, I asked hubby if he knew what is was.  He couldn’t hear it.

We stopped the program on the television, and finally he heard it.  I said it’s not the phone ringing, and I certainly didn’t change the ringer of the home home.  I don’t even think we can on the landline, but it was coming from that area.

We were next to the door that leads into the garage, and the sound was coming from there.  We looked at the phone, the answer machine, and everything else in the area.

I looked up to where we have a wooden shelf for our keys, and I could see a light flashing on mine.  It was my ‘Deklerk Pro Key Finder, Locate Cell Phone with Item Locator, Key Finder Bluetooth, Wallet and Luggage Finder , GPS Key Finder Key Chain , Car Key Finders Trackers for iOS & Android’

I have the app on my phone, and have never needed to use it.  You know how phones dial on their own, send texts on their own, well mine decided to find my keys on it’s own.






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