Family Fitness US 19, New Port Richey. 2nd part of our 2 gyms today.

At both locations temperatures were taken.  This one hubby expected to see friends, but only 2 tables in use, and only 1 person per table.  A guy got up from one, so hubby could sit down.  There were some other tables at the front to the side, but you really can’t see much from them.
This location has been painted in the 2 months since closure, but wasn’t as clean as I had expected, and no members of staff were cleaning while we were there.  They had every other machine in use.  I went on the upside down Bosu with a 2 lb. weight in my left hand, and a 5 lb. in my right.  They were tucked down in a ledge.  I had to give them a really good clean before using them.  I did about 15 minutes and came home.
There were plenty of sanitizing stations around the gym.  These were for cleaning machines, and other items in the gym.  Also sanitizers for hands.
Again there were only about 10 – 15 people in the gym, so not problem with social distancing.
Personally, I would have rather been at home, doing my hour Zumba online with all my girlfriends.

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