Florida has over 1 million unemployed.

I know we always think about ourselves, and how we are managing, but when I was watching the local news this was the headline.  This is a frightening number, and some haven’t received any unemployment money, during the 2 month period.

I can’t imagine what it would be like, to not be able to pay bills coming in, knowing that you had a job but couldn’t work.

I am so thankful that I am retired, and don’t have a mortgage, car payment, rent, etc.  Just the usual utility bills, and others that come in on a regular basic.

Sometimes it’s good to be old.


Where’s my stimulus check?


  1. I am with you Susie. Growing up, we always lived hand to mouth and when I was able to get into the work force, I always said I did not ever want to go back to that. Many people do not have that ability, either due to bad luck or bad planning. Retirement is a good place to be right now. Stay well. Allan

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  2. Susie, I have been thinking the same thing. Being retired, my economic well-being is better protected than so many others. The situation in Ohio is dire with the impact of jobs lost. In a few months, more jobs will likely be terminated by local, county, and state government because of reduced revenue.

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  3. Oh my goodness. That would be very hard. I am grateful that financially my husband and I are ok in our retirement.. For those here in Canada who have lost their jobs due to Covid it is a bit different as most people here are getting unemployment insurance or the Emergency Relief payments.

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  4. I just cannot imagine how stressfull that would be. What if you had kids? Or what if you had elderly parents who you cared for? I know that many people think that Canada is a nanny state and we never stop paying taxes . We do pay taxes but I don’t thing they are exorbitant. Anyway it is tough for all those unemployed through no fault of their own.

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  5. Same as my granddaughter in England. She went for her dream job interview 10 days before everyone was told to stay home. She got a phone call to say that they would have given her the job. It broke her heart. Then she got Coronavirus for 4 weeks, as she is asthmatic.


  6. Luckily I found a “grunt job” that I could handle for the time being as my “real job” ended. I couldn’t imagine going without a paycheck right now!

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