How can Dollar Tree sell everything for a buck.

There are 4 places that are local to me, Winn Dixie, Dollar Tree, Save a lot, and Walgreens.  These I use on a regular basis, as I am usually gone for less than an hour.

Today I went into the Dollar Tree, because it’s been hard to find eggs anywhere.  Good old Dollar Tree had them.  Granted they are medium, and I have only ever bought large, but for 1 buck.  When they are in stock elsewhere else, they are at least twice the price, or more.

I also picked up a door mat to go between the laundry area, and the patio doors.  One side mid gray, the other dark gray.  Once I have had it awhile, I can just throw it away, instead of having to wash, and dry it.  A great time saver too.  They had toilet rolls for a dollar, and I also picked up some pretty scrunchies $1 for a set of them.

I know they must pay pennies on the dollar, but how can you not buy them.

My only complaint is that their lines were long.  We waited forever for a second cashier to open up.  There was one guy hovering to get in front of all of us, but I made him go to the back, as I was the next person.  He was a big guy, but no one phrases me out.


  1. I used to order inventory from the same places dollar stores do. That was about 15 years ago. I was paying about 60-70 cents per item. 🙂


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