9,200 miles in 2 years.

We have always bought a new vehicle every 2 years, or less, because hubby wanted to.  Now I do most of the driving, we have only done 9,200 miles in the past 2 years.  These last 2 months, I have barely put $10 of gas in it, which means 50 miles a month.

Today it is having an oil change, and at this point in previous years, if we haven’t bought a new one, we would.

Not this year.  We have gone down from S.U.V’s to H.R.V’s, and finally the cute Honda ‘Fit’, which is a great car for someone that works out like me.

Today we will save around $10,000, which we always lost when buying a new one.  I am very happy.  The car is too, as we are keeping it.



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