How are you feeling today?

When we are out, and about, we hear ‘How’s it going’. ‘How are you doing’. ‘Hi, how are you’.  Do you miss friends and acquaintances asking you these questions?

Most times I say, ‘Fine, and you’,  So I just wanted to be your friend today, and ask you how are you feeling?  You can answer in the comments, if you so wish.

I really hope that it is improving every day, and that you are doing better.


  1. I’m doing well and glad you both are too.  IRS easy to say fine, isn’t it?😆 But we are all struggling with this going on so long.  Keep well.

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  2. We are good here. I am back riding which certainly helps my psyche! I would like to see out daughter and her family but that is not possible yet. I doubt we will go to England to see our son until there is a vaccine. I believe we are in this for the long haul and that’s ok. We can do it.

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  3. Better than yesterday. I had partial hip replacement on Friday. The pain last night was almost unbearable; however, I survived. I am much happier today. Thank you for asking!

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  4. Probably the best I have felt in my life. Thank you. But I have to endorse what Michelle said about the news, their behaviour during this emergency has been disgusting in the way they have raised peoples anxiety levels. But hey ho you look like your having fun and I’m sure your family are safe over here, despite the media 😉

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  5. I’m fine but still very nervous. I only go out to run or do a quick shopping trip. No restaurants or anything like that


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