Value for your bucks at Aldi.

My girlfriend and I met up for our weekly get together.  Last week was the first time since the pandemic started.  We both had $10 off at Stein Mart, so I got my hubby a really nice pair of shorts.  I would never pay the retail price, but they are normally 50% off, with a further $10 off.  They fit him perfectly, and I didn’t buy anything for myself.

Then we went to Aldi.  It has to be 5 – 6 weeks since I shopped there.  At that time their shelves were almost empty.  I stocked up in bulk as you can see, and even got a few more cans for my Hurricane supplies.

Cans of Chili only 89 cents, wheat bread 89 cents, strawberries $1.19, yogurts 32 cents, and Greek ones 55 cents, just to name a few items.  I can save 35 to 40% off of Walmart, Save a lot prices, and 50 or more percent on Winn Dixie, and Publix.

This afternoon’s hour and a half out did me good, hubby was pleased, and I save a ton of money.


  1. We love Aldi! Except for the early days of the lockdown, the shelves had been reasonably stocked. This week they even had paper towels and toilet paper!


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