I enjoy this room, just off the main gym area.

If you have been reading my blog this week, you will know that I have been to both gyms 3 times this week.  The first day they opened, hubby wanted to go to both.

The Ridge Road location has changed the layout from when it was Infinity Fitness.  The social room, where coffee, a sofa, large television, and several tables, is now a stretching room, with a few pieces of equipment.

I did 20 minutes on the upside down Bosu ball, with the light weight in my left hand, and a heavier one in my left.  I always wear my flexible cast.  I also did the stair stepper.  I am hoping that boxing bags will be at this location.  We had a great boxing room, in the back of the building, and that is where I used to teach my ladies.  It was nice, because they felt that they weren’t being watched.  We shall see what happens.

I had one instructor come up to me, and say ‘What amazing balance I have’.  It’s probably 5 years since I have been bouncing on the upside down Bosu ball, while lifting weights, doing squats, touching the floor, and lifting one leg off.  I have even bounced on 2 medicine balls.  Exercise has to be fun.




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