Using the new WordPress Editor.

I am just doing a test to see how this new Editor, on WordPress comes out. So short and sweet.

Is anyone else using it?

I couldn’t find where I added the Featured Image, and as hubby is waiting to go out, I changed back to the old one, that I know, and feel comfortable with.  I will keep trying it, and maybe one day, find all the things I am looking for.



  1. Hi Susie! Today I learned (the hard way) that if you want to add multiple images to your post you will want to add a gallery. There are also collage options too, but I prefer the gallery. Slowly starting the get used to this new editor. ❤

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  2. Yes, it does take some scrolling. I think that sometimes I accidentally picked the photo button and forgot that I needed the gallery. We will get it!

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  3. You are doing amazingly well, Susie. I know many people around my age 31 who are daunted by blogging. I think this will be the year that I pick up some form of self-defense. It is such an amazing workout and I bet it would feel empowering.

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  4. yes I am what is your name on fb? I will add you. Sometimes I am hard to find on there.


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