Using the new WordPress Editor.

I am just doing a test to see how this new Editor, on WordPress comes out. So short and sweet.

Is anyone else using it?

I couldn’t find where I added the Featured Image, and as hubby is waiting to go out, I changed back to the old one, that I know, and feel comfortable with.  I will keep trying it, and maybe one day, find all the things I am looking for.



  1. I am 🙋‍♀️ it’s pretty good I feel. I’d long forgotten how the old one felt like which was why I jumped straight to accept this. It does take a little getting used to but then once I checked out their site on the available blocks it made it more fun.

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  2. As of June 1st, WordPress is doing away with the old editor so now is the time to learn about it. I haven’t used it yet, but will spend time messing with it to make sure I know what I need to know when I am forced to use it.

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  3. I just tried using the new wordpress editor this morning and I agree it has been a little trickier to locate menu items. I figured out how to add a featured image and took a picture with some directions that I would like to share with you, but wordpress doesn’t allow me to post the image here in comments or under the contact form. Do you have an email address that I could send the image to?

    ❤ Alana

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  4. I use it and it works okay for me. I liked the old editor better, but I have finally figured out how to do all of the same things with the new editor that I used to do with the old one.

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  5. It is in a column on the right. If you choose”document”at the top and scroll down you will find the Featured Image. If you do not see the column with the Document and Block then click on the settings little wheel at the top right and then the column will appear. The block editor has some fun stuff like being able to change the text and background color of the blocks.

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  6. You are welcome. Some think we will still be able to revert back on June 1st. I am looking for blog posts and videos with easy to understand tips on where to find stuff in case they are wrong. I will be sharing what I find as my tech skills aren’t that great. Wonder if there’s a new WordPress Editor for Dummies or Idiot’s Guide available.

    Back in January 2020, they said the old editor would be supported through 2022. Working on a blog post from that article which should be up shortly. It’s a long read.


  7. Not got my head fully round it yet. Keep going back to the old one as it is quicker for me. One strange thing Is every time I’ve used the new editor, the post won’t load to the front of my blog. Always loads as the second post. Have to put it back into draft and then reload again for it to be the newest one.

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  8. I’m still stick in the past. I didn’t like the block editor at all so I’ve been using classic since, but I recently checked out the new one and many of the bugs look like they have been worked out, but I’m still unsure about switching over, wonders how others have felt.

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  9. I am happy to help! I do have to say that yesterday I ended up switching back to the classic editor. I could not figure out how to edit the text for hyperlinks. Maybe someday I will switch back 🙂 Until then I am thankful that the original editor is still an option!

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  10. I’m kind of bummed that we all have to switch to the new editor, but we will get the hang of it. To add an image you are going to click the add block button.
    It appears where you write text on the right side. It is a black box with a plus sign in it. A menu will pop up and you can click image. Let me know if you have questions or would like me to email you pictures.

    ❤ Alana

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