Importance of Wearing A Mask

I totally agree with this post.

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(Candid By Liz)

Unfortunately, President Trump and elements of the far right have politicized the wearing of masks as somehow violating a person’s individual rights. This is a level of insanity. Do people complain that their rights are being violated if the law compels them to wear shoes in order to enter a food store? Did Americans, as a people, not follow the restrictions imposed upon them in World War II?  Do we, as a society, accept and embrace that children should travel in safety car seats? Do we, as a nation, understand the importance of laws and the controls imposed on people by those legal requirements? These are only a few examples of rules that are instituted for the safety of individuals and society. We, as a people, must recognize that individual rights are important, but just as important is societal responsibility.

The wearing of masks is not only…

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  1. Wearing a mask is the most selfless thing a person can do for those around themselves. Make sure you keep your droplets to yourself. Selfless does not describe #45. We wear a mask going into stores and in conditions were we can not physically distance. I wish everyone did. Stay well Susie. Allan


  2. Any mask other than the N95s or the N92s will let through airborne viruses.

    There is NO conclusive evidence that COVID-19 is EXCLUSIVELY a waterborne pathogen.

    Therefore, the lesser masks are for psychological well-being only.

    Prolonged wearing of ANY mask (10 hrs per day, 7 days per week, for a period of one month) causes the person to rebreathe their own carbon dioxide and toxic microfauna which the body is attempting to expel by breathing out.

    Over time, this will cause metabolic acidosis and eventual death in a rather short period of time.

    Even the N95 and N92 masks become compromised if they get wet (perspiration, saliva, etc).

    They then become a conduit for ANY and ALL waterborne viruses.

    Do with this information what you will. 😎


  3. Because of health issues, I cannot wear a mask for any long time (more than 5-10 minutes) without gasping for air. So, if and when I go out in public, I certainly don’t want to be attacked verbally or physically because I have health issues. I think that wearing a mask is an individual choice and cannot be compared to such things as child car safely seats since there is no empirical evidence that a mask does a lot to protect you or others from Covid 19.

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