Took this photo between showers last night.

I managed to get on Treasure Island beach for 2 walks yesterday, between the light, and heavy rain.  I walked, and made sure that if other people didn’t social distance, I did.

I found the worst people were the ones playing games.  They would just run to catch a ball, or whatever they were playing with, often backwards.

Also parents stayed on the beach, and allowed there children to run up, and down to the water’s edge.  Little ones, I understand, but the 8 to teenagers should be aware of social distancing.  They would run right in front of you, or immediately behind.  I got lots of exercise in, as I stopped when in front, and jumping backwards to get out of there way.  I also walked around the people sitting in the water’s edge, and walked to the side when people refused to walk single file, or move slightly in the opposite direction to me.  I kept myself safe.

I would say 50% were like me and remembered all the time, and the others just didn’t give a damn about themselves, and others.



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