I wrote about The Joint yesterday, but never expected it to end this way.

Avoid The Joint St. Pete at all costs. I have been here many times, and brought lots of new customers in.

We went there and my 86 year old husband ordered fish and chips. I ordered Shepherd’s pie. My husband only has a few teeth, and the fish was thin, and hard as it was overcooked, with Panko on it. I asked the server for one piece of lightly cooked fish for him. She took the whole plate back, and shortly after brought another plate identical to the first one. She asked if it was okay, and I said it is still cremated. Hubby ended up having the Shepherd’s pie. It came out really quickly. He ate over half of his, and I had some of mine left. I asked for a box. Both the leftovers were put in the box.

We were both certified food managers, having own a restaurant in Florida. 4 hours later, when food poisoning can occur, my husband had diarrhea and vomiting so bad, I got my phone to dial 911. The only reason I didn’t was because of covid-19, his age, and he has chronic illnesses.

I was fine, my food was fine, but his was not. I have heard stories of what might happen when you send food back. This guy could have died on me. It was hours of brown liquid, and vegetables coming from both ends. He could barely sit. Let alone stand.

I still have the box with the food in it, but again because of covid, I haven’t taken it anywhere.


  1. Oh my that is awful. There is nothing worse than vomiting and loosing it at the other end as well. My daughter just had a three day streak of it and she had to go to the ER because of dehydration I hope your hubby has recovered now.

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  2. On YELP so many reviews say that the Manager is obnoxious, in their face, and so are some of the employees. I really don’t want to go through the aggravation with hubby’s age and health.

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  3. Revenge from a restaurant is never a good idea, neither for the diner or the restaurant. Sorry to hear of your troubles Susie. Bad food is no way to overcome Covid economic problems. Stay well. Allan

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  4. Oh how terrible! Best wishes to your husband, hope he’s feeling better 🤞🏼Do you have a US equivalent of a food standard agency that you could report them to?

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  5. Hope everything works out OK. I won’t eat out anymore because I no longer trust the restaurants. If I went to a place where the owner was hands on, you have better luck, but not always. When more people believed in God, you didn’t have such as mess as we do now.


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