A busy day today.

This morning we went to the Ridge Road gym, and hubby sat on a chair, as there were children on both tables. I got on the upside down Bosu ball, and bounced while using an 8 lb. weight in my right hand, and some of the time a 3 lb. one in my left one, with my cast on.

From last week.

This afternoon I went food shopping, and arrived home around 3 p.m. Hubby had asked me to bake him some sugar free cupcakes, so as I had the oven on, I made a large Shepherd’s pie too. This took me until we ate at 5.30, an hour later than we usually eat.

I had to ask him to help me lifting trays into, and out of the oven. Together we managed the Shepherd’s pie, vegetables, and OXO gravy.

I have spent an hour trying to get a tiled group in gallery, and have deleted the photos, and clicked on it again, but still have big photos. I can see at this rate I will only be posting a featured one from now on.

The good news is the Shepherds Pie was amazing, and hubby has just enjoyed a cupcake with no added sugar ice cream.

Now it it time to relax. I am a person that is NEVER tired, but for the first time in a long while I am. No Body combat tonight for me.


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