Upped my HIIT today.

I now start out on the upside down Bosu ball stretching, then using weights while bouncing. This is the 4th time I have gone on the stair stepper. I start off on 2, then go on 5, then back and forward, finishing up on 2. My heart rate got up to 154, which showed I was doing high intensity interval training.

I am so limited to what I can do with this left wrist, but this seems to be working for me. The photo is showing 10 minutes, and my heart rate at 152, after a minute of slowing down. The other photo shows more information.

Finally I am feeling that my workout is getting better, but can’t wait until Monday when I get my final xrays.



  1. are you worried about being in the gym? Be careful.Even if equipment is clear lots of people with heavy breathing would worry me. Even when I run outside people try to stay away from me (even though I don’t breath that heavy)

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  2. The most we have seen in either of the gyms we go to is 10 – 12. I am in a room on my own with my roll of paper provided, and my own 32 ounce spray bottle. I wear my mask, they take our temperature, and I take it off to workout as no one is within 20 feet of me.


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