We both have blurred eyesight.

Hubby had cataracts removed a couple of years ago, and was delighted with his eyesight. He went back several times for checks, and March was when we were both supposed to have our eyes tested. We delayed it until today.

We were asked several questions, and had our temperature taken. Hubby’s was 101, but the outside temperature was 90, with a heat index of 99. He was also wearing a hat, which I believe made his head hot. After trying several times it was back to 98.8.

My eyes have changed, and I knew that I was ready for new glasses. We both had drops put in our eyes, and I still have slight cataracts. Nothing to worry about.

The optometrist was the same for both of us, so he was able to tell me about my husband. It’s possible that he has a ‘black hole’ in the back of they eye. They couldn’t take a photo of it today, so we are going back in a month’s time. Diabetes could cause this.



  1. I am overdue to have an eye exam, but it is on the calendar in July. Being pre-diabetic, I need to be keeping better tabs on my vision. Covid-19 has messed up a lot of medical appointments for people, especially seniors and small children (who need updated immunizations).

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