WordPress sort out your glitches before the changeover.

Yesterday I had problems with the reader all day long. It would show posts from 3 hours ago, 9 hours ago, etc. I then had to go to my mail, and my inbox for the posts that show up there. Then on my social mail to pick up the rest. It was so time consuming.

I logged on, and off. I uninstalled WordPress on my phone, and then installed it. Nothing worked.

This morning I get up, and it’s working perfectly.


  1. I have that problem on my phone on a regular basis with the old editor. It’s even more fun when it shows I have 0 posts and 0 drafts. Usually refreshing 3 – 10 times resolves the issue. It occasionally happens on my laptop, but a lot less often.

    The good news is I subscribe to my blog so I can check my e-mail when this pops up with Gutenberg.

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  2. I am not excited to begin using the new editor, but I have been “playing” with it. I will continue to use the “classic” block, but I need to recheck some issues with using the WP photo library.

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