Publishers Clearing House doing the right thing.

Hubby did it again. Another product for $4.95 + 5.99 S & H + 77 tax. $11.71 for a product he didn’t even know what is was. It was cheap, nasty spatulas, that you would get for $1, at the Dollar Tree. I phoned again, and asked if they would NOT send him any products, and make a notation of his age, and health issues. They did, and this time I don’t have to send it back, which saves me a major job, Thank you Publisher’s Clearing House. This means so much to me.


Hubby has been trying to win the Publishers Clearing House big prize, and kept up with their emails.  That was fine.

Then they sent him an envelope with lots of products in it.  He bought one without me even seeing what it was.  This was weeks ago, and it has just arrived.

It looked a load of crap, made in China, and they wanted $16.

I checked on the product, link below, and you can see on Amazon, almost half the price with free shipping.  I read the first page of reviews, and all but one were 1 star.

So I phoned PCH, and spoke to a call center.  I had a really hard job understanding the gentleman.  I explained my husband’s age, and that I didn’t know he had bought this, and it needed to be returned.  He asked why, and I said that I write all the checks…

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