The scales don’t lie

Hubby has to weigh himself daily, because a high fluctuation may be that he is retaining water, and I have to give him pills for 3 days. No more as it could affect his kidneys. So today I was at the lowest in years 109 lbs.

I have no idea why. You would think that I would put on weight with the covid-19, and being home more. I was doing online classes twice a day before the gyms opened up. Now I do less in the mornings, driving there and back, and no classes there.

I am doing Body combat at home, and some ab workouts. It’s protein shakes, and the odd protein bar, as well as 4 – 5 cups of fat free milk a day. A Greek yogurt every day, and lots of vegetables, and fruit.

Maybe once I get back to boxing I will put it back on. That is the only thing I am not doing, but lots of punching, and kicking in my Body Combat. I just don’t know.


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