Restaurants need to update their websites.

If we can’t go home in time for hubby to eat, being diabetic, I always look for a Wendy’s, as their Junior cheeseburgers are a perfect fit. I had looked on their website for this location, and it had a check mark for drive through, and pick up. It had an X for dine in.

We wouldn’t have gone in, but people were leaving, so I knew that they were open. We were the only ones in the entire restaurant.

Monday we both have early doctor’s appointments, so I tried phoning the Burger King close by. When it stops ringing it has the fax machine noise, so even though it has an X against dine in, ‘Who knows’. I may drive there tomorrow, and check it out, because if it’s closed to dine in, we will come home (opposite direction) and have an egg, sausage, and cheese croissant.

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