Tampa has a city wide curfew tonight

I was horrified at the pictures, and videos of the people rioting in Tampa last night. They stated approximately 40 businesses damaged, looted, some set on fire, in a protest of the horrific death of George Floyd.

I think we all feel terrible in the way he died, but we are not animals. The pen is mighty, as well as the mouth. We can let the powers that be, know that this is not acceptable, without putting others in danger, and properties too.

I feel that Tampa is handling it well, by having a curfew from 7.30 p.m. to 6 a.m. If you live in that area, or close by, please stay in your homes. We are losing enough lives with Covid-19. We don’t need destruction to go with it.



  1. Denver curfew is 8pm till about same with the caveat that bussing to riot-close is suspended which is a 1.5-2.0 miles walk…from bus owned paid parking by highway… ;). Tampa for me even then would be ugly as a covid soul as I lived by d m l k /north… The absolute heart! Of no real restaurant plethera, no close grocery plethera. Ugh. It’d be murder. And no Eddie & Sam’s pizza either.

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  2. Yeah, my family is in Wesley Chapel, North from there. But, with all the looting now all the target and Walmart stores are closed until further notice. This is bs. I mean looting does not solve anything period. It’s a poor excuse to take advantage of the current situation. Chicago had 100 officers go to the hospital. It all saddens me. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  3. Susie, it is so sad and Ireland was no stranger to it over 20 years ago but thankfully it that was resolved through the mighty pen rather than the sword! On a more positive note have you heard of Cole Clark and The Quarintine Kids? From Tampa too, I found them just a few days ago, if not check them out on YouTube. It will lift your spirits!


  4. Yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, the scene around the statehouse finally seemed more organized and filled with peace as protesters seemed better focused and settled down. The nighttime curfew seems to be working as well with a lot less violence, vandalism, and looting.

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