Positive results at the doctor’s office.

I saw the doctor first, and she is happy with my blood work. My platelets, which can be as low as 55, were up to 148. 150 and above being in the normal range. All the rest were as they should be. I was to have a woman’s wellness checkup too, but she was running late, so have it booked for a months time.

Hubby’s blood work hadn’t changed much. She wants his A1C above 7, as he can also be hypoglycemic, and it was 7.1. Fantastic. His stage 4 kidney failure has stayed stage 4, or 26 years, and hadn’t changed. He keeps a record of his sugar readings, and blood pressure. She took time to go over when he eats, and takes his shots. She thinks that bringing his nighttime insulin shot from 9.30 to 8 p.m. will regulate it better. So that is the plans.

In an hours time I will be leaving for my orthopedic specialist, and my xrays. I will let you know how that goes. I am very happy with today’s visit.



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