Fat weighs more that muscle.

I wrote an article a few days back https://susiesopinions.blog/2020/05/29/the-scales-dont-lie/ and wondered why I had lost weight, when still working out several hours a day. I had a comment ‘Loss of muscle –> muscle weighs more than fat’.

I agree I have not been boxing, because of my left wrist, but have been doing Zumba classes online, Body Combat, Strong by Zumba, and standing doing hubby’s Senior Sneakers, in double time. I have been eating plenty of protein, but eaten more treats, and sat down more.

I asked hubby to take a photo of me, so that I could see where the fat was. Here are the photos, and I really can’t see any difference from before the pandemic.

What do you think? I have worked hard through these trying times, and feel that I have done the best I can.

I honestly think that it’s something that has happened to me, but as my wrist improves, who know when I will get back to my ‘fighting weight’.



  1. I don’t see any difference but perhaps your body composition changed. Muscle is more dense than fat. Of course a pound of fat weighs the same the same of a pound of muscle but I truly believe that you lost some muscle over the course of the pandemic if you weren’t boxing. .Also, at home work outs are rarely as intense as the ones in gyms. This article explains it well https://www.inshape.com/member-buzz/fat-vs-muscle/

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