Covid-19 didn’t stop us going to IHOP

I had an email to say that it was an anniversary of me joining the IHOP club, so we got a free stack of pancakes. I ordered the mushroom, and spinach omlette, that came with a short stack of pancakes.

This was supposed to be a tiled gallery, and I have been trying for hours, and they still come full size.

We were given paper menus, that were place mats, so a limited menu. No problem. There were no flavored syrups at the end of the table, or salt and pepper. Our syrup came in individual cups.

As you can see by my photos, how quiet it was in the restaurant. They obviously cut down on staff, because of this, so had a 10 minute wait to pay our check. We didn’t mind, because we appreciate the they are opening their dining rooms for us.


  1. People are really getting mad there in the U.S and here in Spain, I went today to see my mother that is ill with terminal cancer. “Funny” thing I had quite the so called a conversation with the bus driver, basically him calling me a lot of names since I could not pay in coins but that little card they give you, had no money in the card so I did tell him I was not going back to the street, I had this certain family situation so either he called the police and in the meantime I would kill him, basically threaten this idiot. Not good I know,
    but they are not going to make me not see my mother.
    Having said all that, glad they are opening and glad people are opoening. We can´t just hide for how long? Who knows, if you take simple precautions and for my thinking is that at the end of the day you can take all the precautions a person wants but you either gonna get it or not, sort of like my army experience. I did take the so called “test” before seeing my mother, but she was just glad to see me, she knows her situation, I´m just her dummy to laugh at my crazy things when I tell her.
    This was a long comment…..

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  2. And really pleased that you got that off your chest. How many people carry money now. We don’t have any local public transportation so I drive us everywhere.


  3. Don’t laugh. I was doing online Zumba classes and the gym is still doing them. Hubby’s routine is to go to the gym every morning, to just sit (most haven’t come back) and I miss my classes. I can’t box or lift so it’s frustrating.


  4. Happy you are venturing out safely. My wife and I are very tentative with our lives right now. Our daughter, her husband, and son are home quarantined with the virus.


  5. Yes mam, and I coouldn´t pay today for the bus in physical money, they wanted the bus card hence I couldn´t see my mother. A bit frustrating to say the least, and I did not say the least to the bus driver, to say something neat. We where going at it, I want to see mom and he is preventing it for only 2 dollars, I could not take it. We just went off on it.


  6. Hold on, Zumba classes? I took those long time ago, well…… I was with this girl so I guess it made sense at the time to go see other girls…
    Point being you are in shape for sure, healthy for sure and I guess Hubby ( why do you even you women call the guy hubby?… another story) , forget about Hubby at this point, , yes you can box or lift, just get a bit curious with normal things you have around the house, to lift and weight and whatever else for the phisiycal training. If me dummy has done it… for sure you can.
    All the best to you and…. at least call him “Jim” or Hubby, who cares as long you are good.
    Take care both of you, and this was a long comment……


  7. My wrist was fractured 13 weeks ago, and all I have wanted to do is boxing. I have still been teaching my ladies shadow boxing via Facebook messenger.


  8. I noticed ours was open, too. I was thinking of taking my son there for breakfast for his birthday. Do they still bring out sugar free syrup if requested. One of the few places that had it.

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