I am always complaining about WalMart, and how much I hate going there. Well I had a brilliant experience there, and I am always totally honest, so for this visit they get 10 out of 10.

I hadn’t had new eye glasses for 2 years, and had to go to my husband’s eye center to have my test this year. They are really high end, and I had no plans on buying my glasses from them. I had thought about going to Optical Outlets, where I had gone the past 8 years, but they had moved into an out parcel where WalMart is.

I remembered the really pretty glasses I got at WalMart before I had insurance for eye wear. I decided to check them out. They were open, but there area was closed off. I saw the lady letting a gentleman in, so waited.

After she had finished with him, she asked if she could help. I explained about wanting a quote on glasses with everything in the lenses, and to choose a pair of frames. She said that they were only doing eye exams right now. I said that I was disappointed, as my sight has altered, and I would have to go to a more expensive place. She said that she would ask her supervisor if under the circumstance they could do it. The answer was yes. She took my temperature, and I had my mask on.

I was the only one in their area. She gave hubby a chair to sit outside the perimeter. I was her first one, and she was happy. I saw the same glasses as I had 10 years ago, and fell in love with them again. No need to look at any others. She took her time, and measured me up for the progressive. I paid for them, and hopefully they should arrive in around ten days. She said that I was her guinea pig. I replied it’s good to get back to doing your job slowly. With a big smile she let me out, and thanked me. My insurance only covers the eye exam, and I was able to save around $100 getting them from WalMart.

Photo: Pixabay


  1. Ms Alison was my Columbus victory drive optician also Walmart and in fairness to an unmentioned subtle, I did a lot of shopping at Walmart the six weeks it took for no. My stuff is special order, Walmart often refuses special orders.

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