Girl’s treat.

Today has been a rainy, cloudy day, with bands of showers coming through. My girlfriend and I had planned to walk, so decided to go to our dismal mall, that no longer has any departmental stores, and very few small ones. It is dry, cool, and very few people were using it.

Opposite the mall is a Steak ‘n’ Shake, and we haven’t been there in such a long time. It has to be last year, because I had earned $5 in rewards. I no longer had it, as it had expired. So I loaded my app, and were pleased to see several cars parked. This is always an indication that they have opened up.

We opened the door, and chairs were stacked on tables, so knew that you could order inside, and take out. We ordered a shake each, and waited a few minutes for it. We got back in the car, and more people were walking in, and then leaving immediately. We are all disappointed that they haven’t opened the dining area. A shake just doesn’t look the same in a styrofoam cup. We opened it up, and there was an least an inch empty at the top. Their shakes are so appealing to the eye, and really stand out.

We sat in the parking lot having them, and both agreed that, it just wasn’t the same, and will wait until the dining room opens. That way we get the eye appeal first, and see the chocolate at the sides, and the strawberry ice cream in the middle. The whipped cream, with the cherry on the top.


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