Gym classes start on Monday.

Today the gym was so empty. Very few cars outside, and the odd person working out. This will change next week. Glasses start.

We can’t just walk into a class, like before. The new ‘normal’ is that we download their app, and book a class. Monday they have Zumba at 10.30, so I have booked that one for me. It is only 45 minutes so that the room can be cleaned, ready for the next class. Hubby is signed up for that class. Silver Sneakers. There are 20 places, because of social distancing, and 18 have already been booked for his class.

I have to wait until Saturday to book next Friday’s Silver Sneakers for him.

There are still several online classes, so I am not really worried about mine as I can do them at home.

Today I did my upside down Bosu bouncing with a light weight, and a heavy one. Then I managed 10 minutes on the Stair stepper. I upped my speed, and managed 28 floors. My heart rate got up to 152, and then I dropped my speed.

It’s the Coronavirus, and my wrist that has changed my routine completely.


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