Unemployment figures down.

With the government allowing more, and more people back to work, there has been a slight decrease in the amount of people filing for unemployment.

For some the unemployment payments are not enough, so back to work they go. For others, and I know of a couple of cases, they are getting more staying home, so why bother.

There is one case where the person is living with a partner, and is getting $1,800 a month just for them. With the partner’s income, they decided that it just wasn’t worth going to work, as the net income they were bringing in was much less than this amount.

As a country we want unemployment to go down. How can we get people like this to go back to work, when there is no incentive?

I know this is only one case, but I am sure there are many more. What are your thoughts on this problem?

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  1. Our economic misery has a challenging journey ahead. It will continue to be sidetracked by Covid-19 and the social unrest. Some struggling businesses in urban areas were just opening back up, but the violence and looting will permanently shutter some of these properties.

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  2. The problem is simple. 60 to 70% on unemployment are making more on unemployment than they made working. Why Congress didn’t run numbers to realize this boggles the mind.

    Why go back to work when you are making more by not working? The smart move is to reduce unemployment benefits enough to where it’s much better to work than not work. At 70% of your salary, many would choose to not work.

    I hoped the Senate would go with cutting it back to $250-300/week. It doesn’t seem like they will at this point. I want to think I am wrong, but time will tell.

    What most businesses don’t get, the states will have to significantly increase how much they have to charge employers to replace the state money already paid out. The federal money will dry up at some point.

    If I were unemployed, I would be looking for work now as this is the time to have your best chance of getting hired. Most people wait until the last minute to go looking for work.

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  3. If the work force was considered essential to America and not dissed based on race,economics,etc. Then this country might be great, however the virus of bigotry,greed and privilege has been an incurable plague

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