An hour and a half, and I still cannot publish with the new editor. It’s doesn’t like one of my photos.

Can anyone help me please. It’s driving me nuts here. I have taken it out, changed the photo, and whatever I do, it won’t let me publish.


  1. I would suggest opening a new window. Copying and pasting everything into the new window and trying to publish. I have encountered a bug that just won’t allow a page to be published but once I recreate, no problem.
    The block editor has it’s quirks but it allows a lot more flexibility.

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  2. SMiLes i Spent
    28 Hours With
    Word Press “Happiness
    Engineers” to Get
    My Site Working
    After the Upgrade
    Ruined the
    Of my Entire
    Site.. i have
    50 GB of
    Space left
    But after
    The Upgrade
    They insisted
    i have none while
    Other Techs admit
    i do.. Never been so
    Disgusted by any Tech
    Support Team for
    Not even
    What their
    Promises to Deliver..,
    i Worked for the Government For
    25 Years and provided
    Tech Support along
    The Way… the
    Now is almost
    Beyond Belief…
    Long Story
    i fixed
    It by
    Not listening
    To them.. Sadly
    There are no
    Better options
    For now at least
    And this was after
    Installing the
    Classic Editor
    After they
    Told me i had
    To have 50GB
    Of Space to
    Me i had none…
    Tread Carefully..
    If You Ever Deal
    With Word Press
    Customer Service…
    And i pay
    300 Dollars
    A Year for what
    Worked perfectly
    Years until Monday..:)

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  3. I’m not super enamored of the new editor. I like the independently arrangeable blocks, but it has a lot of stupid and annoying behaviors and things left out, like not being able to go to “Edit Media” directly from a media post, and the calendar doesn’t show what post(s) you already have scheduled on a given day. I haven’t had this particular problem, though. I hope they fix their glitches before rolling it out to everyone!

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