Animals do the funniest things.

As we now have a thunderstorm, to go with all the rain, hubby put a video on the television. It was all kinds of animals doing the craziest things. I am a cat lover, so really enjoyed watching all the antics that they got up to.

We always had 2 cats at a time, so that they were company for each other. I could tell you so many stories about them, but then I would probably get sad, thinking about them. Our last 2. one came from the shelter, and the other didn’t have a home. One died of old age, and within 3 weeks the other one pined, and passed away.

That was it. My heart was broken, and no way could I have anymore. Also we go away a few times a year, not far, but too far to have animals.

On purpose I haven’t put a photo of any of my cats long gone, as my featured image. I chose a cute one, from the many on Pixabay.


  1. I’ve had cats all my adult life, but when our old cat died a few years back I decided I didn’t need my heart broken like that for a while … I’m sure another moggie will come along before I leave this mortal coil, but for now, I’m good with being animal-companion free.

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  2. I have two now and once they are gone, I’ll be fostering kittens in a spare bedroom. It will be like having grandkids. I can have fun for a couple weeks and then return them to the shelter to be adopted. πŸ˜‚

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  3. I never thought I’d love cats as I do. I understand what you are saying. You never stop loving them. You live with their loss. They have brought us so much joy and I am eternally grateful to them for this. We have two cats and I hug, appreciate and love them every single day. Yes, having pets limit any travels. But, we are home bodies.

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