Walmart surpassed themselves today.

Great news, Walmart have been amazing. I have complained about them so much in the past, but Tuesday afternoon’s experience was great. Then this morning I got a phone call to say my glasses had arrived at the store.

It was supposed to be 10 to 14 days, and less than 4 day. WOW. Yes you read that correct.

We went up to the store, and I was let in through the barrier, and a gentleman got my new glasses for me. I tried them on, and they didn’t need any adjustments, which meant that the lady got everything measured correctly. At every other optical store, I have had to have several adjustments before they were comfortable. Five minutes later I was done. All I can say is –

Exceptional service.


  1. so I figured something out that’s been bugging me forever. I could never see your pictures if I clicked on the link from Facebook story. I tend to read most longer posts such as blogs on my PC because it’s just easier on my eyes. However, with this one you inserted pictures within the post, whereas typically you just put one at the top (featured image). Those featured images will not show up on my PC unless I go to your main page. However, now I finally have the app on my phone and can see your pictures easily. Your posts are short so I don’t mind reading them on the phone.

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